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Age of Winter

Tuckwell Amphitheatre

Sunday 28th July 2019 | 6.00 PM

Journey into Narnia this summer with Cheltenham Youth Theatre's enchanting new production, inspired by C.S Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

When a game of hide and seek leads to the discovery of a new world, gripped by a 100 year winter, the players learn of their destiny to free it.


Told through high-energy physical theatre and devised by the 50-strong cast of young theatre-makers, CYT can't wait to return to the Tuckwell to share their imaginative and vibrant retelling of this classic childhood-favourite.

NT Connections Festival

the egg, Theatre Royal Bath

Thursday 25th April

5 PM

The Bourne Academy

Chaos by Laura Lomas

7 PM

Cheltenham Youth Theatre

Flesh by Rob Drummond

8.30 PM

King's Theatre Company

Salt by Dawn King

Cheltenham Youth Theatre Double Bill

Saturday 16th March 2019 

Parabola Arts Centre

6.00pm The Greatest Show | Juniors & Seniors

7.30pm Flesh by Rob Drummond | CYT Company

The Greatest Show

CYT Juniors and Seniors kick off our double-bill with a circus spectacular.

Pozzo's Circus is failing; audiences just don't want to see a traditional circus anymore. When most of the performers walk-out in despair, an unlikely cast is formed as a group of young people decide to step-in and help. It's time for something a little different...

Will Pozzo's circus be saved from going under?

A devised production by CYT Juniors and Seniors, using songs from 'The Greatest Showman' and excerpts of 'Don't Feed the Animals' by Jemma Kennedy as stimulus. Themes of identity & aspiration have been explored to create a new style of circus. 


Flesh by Rob Drummond


CYT Company perform our second piece as part of NT Connections 2019.

A group of teenagers wake up in a forest with no clue how they got there. They find themselves separated into two different teams but have no idea what game they are expected to play. With no food, no water and seemingly no chance of escape, it’s only a matter of time before things start to get drastic.


But whose side are people on and how far will they go to survive?

This is a play about human nature, the tribes we create and cannibalism.

CYT Company will also perform at Theatre Royal Bath on Thursday 25th April. You can get tickets here

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